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Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation:

"The motive for DRM schemes is to increase profits for those who impose them, but their profit is a side issue when millions of people’s freedom is at stake; desire for profit, though not wrong in itself, cannot justify denying the public control over its technology. Defending freedom means thwarting DRM.”

JMILUG a linux user group of jamia's linux users is a group which promotes knowledge sharing by its members not only within itself but seeks to expand the horizons of knowledge of linux.

On August 23rd, we hosted a GSOC Meetup at Jamia Millia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, home of JMILUG. The GSOC meetup was an opportunity to meet and learn from past and present GSOC students who've actively contributed to Open Source projects in collaboration with developers from all over the world. This acted as a platform for other budding developers who're ready to get their hands dirty and contribute to real world projects.

Description There are many Fedora users around NCR area, meetup is planned so that all the present contributors and users can meet and share there experiences till now .

List Of Talks
1. Fedora Community
2. How To Join Fedora Community
3. How to Contribute

Number Of Folks Expected:
There is a limit of 40 Attendees so seats will on first come and first serve basis
(otherwise you have to bring your chair with youself :P )

Duration Of The Event: One day

Date Of Event : 21st July 2012, Saturday

Place Of Event:

Its not an event its "Adda" where you you know can come and interact with Linux Enthusiasts, Gurus, Geeks, etc....

In a short complete place for newbies to get started into the new world of open source.

1. FOSS Charca : discussion regarding open source
2. Open Talk Sessions : Talks of short durations which going to be schedule randomly according to free time slots.
3. FREE Goodies, CDs, etc.

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Faculty of engineering and technology,
Jamia Millia Islamia,
New Delhi-110025

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