On August 23rd, we hosted a GSOC Meetup at Jamia Millia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, home of JMILUG. The GSOC meetup was an opportunity to meet and learn from past and present GSOC students who've actively contributed to Open Source projects in collaboration with developers from all over the world. This acted as a platform for other budding developers who're ready to get their hands dirty and contribute to real world projects.

SchoolOS is great because it is made using OpenSource Software which is developed by thousand many developers across whole world.

Hi Friends,
We thanks to all the guys who attended the 1 Hour workshop on Drupal CMS organised by CSIJMI with the help of JMILUG. Soon we will be having a series of classroom session + hands on session for the interested students who want to know how they can design website using DRUPAL Content Management System . There is no need to learn any programming for this we will give you all the details regarding websites and web designing .