After a long time span we were ablt to successfully complete the first season of conf@jmilug in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. The event was exclusively sponsored by Spoken Tutorials, IIT Mumbai. The purpose of having this two day event was to target those students who know very little (or nothing) about FOSS. The first talk was “Introduction to FOSS and Linux” by Atul Jha which created a building structure before the actual session, like a starter in food menu. The session was so interactive that the students were far from being tired and had become curious to know what to follow. Next session was on “Women in Technology” by Priya Kuber, who shared her journey towards contributing to FOSS and why it matters to students. Her emphasis was also on how to start contributing to FOSS. Arun Ghosh, an English professor from IIT-Delhi presented his “Thoughts on GNU/Linux”. Last talk for the day was “Moodle CMS” by Gaurav Parashar. This was how we completed our first day on building the basic structure on GNU/Linux and on FOSS.

Second day was the day of core part which started with the session of Web Application Development, which covered some historical background, approaches to web development and finally a demo of a Django based project; Django is a Python Framework. After that Ms. Satya Komaragiri enlightened us on “How to contribute to FOSS”. She gave well-thought and convincing examples whenever a question popped from audience. OLPC- One Laptop Per Child, a Non Profit Organization which helps poor children who are not able to buy laptops or computers by providing them OLPC Laptops- was also a significant part of this two-day event. Next talk, “An Intro about Unit test in Python” by Arulalan.T, was quite useful for the students who had never touched testing framework in Python, which is a powerful object oriented language useful for many purposes. After a break of 15 minutes, we resumed our journey towards FREEDOM on the ship of CONF@JMILUG followed by crossing the river of FOSS-GANGA.
In the next talk “RabbitMQ: Messaging which works”, Mohd. Asif revealed the fact that there are a lot of implementations of messaging borkers, but most of them are proprietary. Of those which are Open Source implementations, I guess RabbitMQ is one-of-its-kind with a lot of features. May be JBoss also has a similar implementation, however, RabbitMQ only uses pull strategy for message propagation. Next up we had “An Update on” by Satyakaam Goswami. is an idea which he had been working upon for around over an year now. Of other things he mentioned, the most interesting to us was FOSS Yatra- a unique initiative to promote FOSS among the cities, towns and villages in India. The concluding talk of the CONF@JMILUG was “Introduction to PHP” by Ashim Kapoor. This was his first attempt at giving a talk on PHP and it was great :)

With this, we accomplished the wonderful first session of two-day CONF@JMILUG.