Here’s a brief on how it came into being to where it stands today…

JMILUG was started somewhere around mid 2005 by Mr. Saleem Ansari and Mr. Vipul Sharma under the banner of the Computer Society of India, Student Branch, JMI. ILUG-D members were invited to inaugurate its launch which was followed by talks regarding Perl (by Raj Mathur), Embedded Linux (by Viksit Gaur) and a couple more.
The great start met with an even better follow-up. Monthly meets like ILUGD meet, Freedel,, and Linux Asia etc. were held where discussions regarding various topics like Linux installation, using GCC etc. were taken up. There was a dedicated website ( for the promotion of Linux; free and open-source software. Many activities related to Linux showed a significant presence in the annual fests too. Needless to say, JMILUG made a lot of impact on students’ mindset, as they started to admire open-source. A large amount of awareness developed in the subsequent batches due to JMILUG. But unfortunately it degraded as there were few people who had an interest in working for the community.

So here we are, once again filled with a great deal of enthusiasm, hope and experience to take JMILUG to a whole new level of success. We’ve already conducted one or two orientation sessions of the same that witnessed quite a decent number of interested individuals. All that we require now is your support as there is no stimulus like that which comes from the consciousness of knowing that others believe in us.
So what are you waiting for? Make some noise buddy!